Crisis of faith

Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ.  Romans 10:17

Man is the work of excellence of what’s been created in this world by God.  Man in his knowledge interrupted his relationship with God, since then man is in a crisis of which only his Creator can help him. God, in the person of Jesus, is the remedy to this crisis.

The sin in man is the problems of the soul, mind and spirit.  The desire of man to leave his crisis independently has worsened his existing crisis.  The pleasure of alcoholic beverages, drugs, parties, sexual disorders, as the humanistic arrogance, have worsened the original crisis of all.  A family, a job, a house, children, money or business, are not a treatment or remedy to your crisis.  How a home is not a house, without a family in it, so man without God remains ill.

God is interested in your well-being, your knowledge of his existence does not heal you.  You can go to your doctor and if you do not take the treatment you will not get better, this is so.  Going to a church, hearing the word of God, it is the first step to his healing.  God surely will be waiting for you with the word, that will originate the remedy to your crisis, and the lost faith will be born, perhaps the one that you had one day or the one you never found.  The door to faith is your ears and the windows of your soul are your eyes.  Today Faith is at your disposal, receive it and take Jesus as a healer to your crisis. Shalom



Min. Jose Chico