OUR board

Philadelphia, PA

Min. Jose Chico

President/senior pastor

Pastor Chico’s vision includes the establishment and development of this organization that includes the church and family. He also seeks to establish new congregations in other communities. Senior Pastor Jose and his wife First Lady and Missionary Elizabeth have raised two girls, and have served the ministry for over 20 years.

Min. Ramona Cruz


Sister Ramona has a deep love for our Lord. She and her husband brother Angel Luis have worked alongside Pastor Chico for over 10 years in the ministry. Sister Ramona serves as secretary. She is the mother of two children.  Currently they are both Pastoring our daughter church in Fajardo, PR.

Samuel Lopez


Brother Samuel serves as the Associate Pastor, Treasurer, and provides visionary leadership in the exercise of spiritual oversight, along with the Pastor / President and the elders of the church. Brother Samuel came to know the Lord in 2002 and has served as Associate Pastor since 2009. In addition to love and service to our youth, brother Samuel and his wife sister Arelis are busy with their three young children.

Min. Angel L. Rosa


Brother Angel Luis came to know the lord since 1992. During this time brother Angel Luis’s christian qualities and character have shown his true love for the Lord. Brother Angel Luis has served as a Deacon for many years and was named Commissioned Minister on November 2010. Brother Angel Luis continues to be a supportive member of the church and the ministry.  Currently brother Angel work along side sister Ramona Pastoring our daughter church in Fajardo, PR.

Min. Rafael Pereira


Brother Rafael is a core member of Israel Mahanaim and definitely has a calling to ministry. He gave his life to serve the Lord and works for the spiritual welfare of the community and unity of believers. Brother Rafael is a very important leader and a wonderful example of a true servant of the Lord. Brother Rafael and his wife sister Lisa have three children. Currently they are both Pastoring our first daughter church in Camden, NJ.