Author of your journal

We all have a journal in which the main author is You. Your journey had its origin in your birth, and your first steps in your childhood. There are many moments full of joy and lessons that you will not forget. Your independence in forming a home was one of those steps that you will not forget. The arrival of the children and the effort to raise a family became your occupation for a long time. Having prepared the children to start like you a home, arrived and you had to let them go in search of their own horizons. Today your book is advancing and what have you achieved in all these years? What is the legacy that you will give to yours when the curtain of your performance in this life comes to an end?

Life is only one and only gives us an opportunity to leave written in the memory of family and acquaintances who we are. When they read your story today and listen to it, is it what you want to hear from everyone and how do you want to be remembered when you’re gone? You today is your morning, so take a blank page of your day and write what your friends will read tomorrow. Do not lose the route, dream, live, sow and prepare for a great harvest that you will have. Your wages are still open, what will you write today? Your story will be read TOMORROW, with pen in hand write the best of You Today.


Min. Jose Chico